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Our Customer's Testimonials


“We thank Raymond Thomas for his patience and understanding during this 2 days. We have learnt some skills to improve on working and personal life. When I share I will more positive and stronger against the negative energy. Thanks for his major effort. All of us not only learnt by our brain but through our heart.”

John Silva, Customer Service Advisor, Cycle & Carriage Singapore

“Raymond was able to stimulate the class for discussion and sharing with his enthusiasm. He was able to draw participants from different sectors of the industry and thus able to get different insights and more people to share. “
- Jasmine Lau, Manager, NEA


“Mr Raymond is a very lively trainer. Class is very interesting. We are able to learn many thinking skills & tools from his training. “
- Jessica Foo, NCSS


“Raymond's one of the best facilitator whom I have come across. THANK YOU!”
- Marcus Tan, Manager, Royal Plaza on Scott


“The thing that I liked best about the training is how the trainer addresses actual case studies that are relevant to the company and theories to real-life cases!”
- Participant, Public Run


"Raymond is a wonderful and effective trainer. I have used his services to provide training programs since 2009. He has strong knowledge of his topics and has provided me with fresh and enlightening perspectives. Additionally, he is encouraging and motivating career coach.”
- Angeline Ong, Snr HR Manager, Meratus

In business strategy, leaders are provided tools to coach and influence others while maximizing their efforts in achieving the organization's goal and objectives. Transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader for a team is a process that requires a lot of dedication, commitment, and focus. The new generation of leaders are collaborative decision makers, flexible, connect at a personal level and challenge the status quo.


The programmes in this paradigm are targetted at organizations who are preparing for the next generation of leaders.

New Leader New Coach Bootcamp

Today’s managers face enormous demands and high expectations to remain flexible & focused in accomplishing the goals and objective determined by the stakeholders. They are expected to be both technically competent in their field of expertise and highly capable leaders and motivators, with clear social and organisational competencies.

In this exciting two-day New Leaders New Coaches Bootcamp, you will discover the essential aspects of leadership skills, that will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make the transition from individual contributor to a new manager.


Learning outcomes:


  • Recognise the importance of your role to organisational success.

  • Distinguish between management and leadership roles.

  • Transition effectively from individual contributor to a new manager.

Emerging Leader Program

Leaders are nurtured to a position where they are prepared to take on additional responsibilities in leading and coaching team members. The transition process for these individuals may not be very clear and indicative. Providing the necessary guidance, coaching, tools and techniques, would help the emerging leader prepare more effectively to take on the key position.

In this three-day Emerging Leader Program, you will be coached to leverage on management tools which will help you fully lead and motivate yourself and your team. In your renewed role and capacity, your daily responsibilities will include collaborating with your colleagues, interacting with your senior management team and providing effective problem solving and decision making solutions in a timely manner. 


Learning outcomes:


  • Enhance your effective and assertive communication skills.

  • Learn to coach and delegate effectively and positively.

  • Appreciate team development process.Identify traits and best practices for leveraging effective teams.manager.

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Experience Leader Programme

At the end of the emerging leadership journey, the leader is reminded in terms of his charter of getting results through others, managing change and having a clear vision from which he develops strategies. The experienced leader is expected to identify and develop ongoing skills and behaviours which are vital to the success of an organization.

In this three-day Experienced Leader Programme, you will discover the more important, current and essential aspects of leadership management. These management tools provided will allow the experienced leader to develop additional skills in Talent Management, Emotional Intelligence and leading strategically.


Learning outcomes:


  • 7-steps to sustainable leadership development.

  • Be able to assess, develop and improve emotional intelligence in yourself and your team.

  • Critically examine the current strategic direction and creating your own leadership.