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Our Customer's Testimonials


“I must say that Raymond Thomas has been a great facilitator during this course and it has certainly broadened our perspective tremendously. The analogies you brought up of your experiences have had an incredible impact on our learning. I guess it shows that being able to relate EXPERIENCES is what matters most!“

Eugene Surendra, Technical Director, PestBusters Singapore

“Raymond kept the class engaged and was very effective in using a variety of materials, textbooks, presentations, group discussions, videos and games to explain the program. “
- Nerissa Leonardo, VP, Clifford Capitol


“The facilitator rocks my rocks! Love his humour and ability to think on his feet.
- Tan Chern Chern, Essilor


“Facilitator put in alot of effort to ensure that we all felt comfortable and he was always helpful whenever we were at dead ends on the topic..”
- Gopalkrishna Ratnakar, Citi


"The trainer is very interactive. He can also properly link what we have learnt to our real work. This is beneficial to me as I can apply what I have learnt
- Participant, Public Run

Communication plays a fundamental role in leadership and management development. Especially in today's generation of leaders, the expectation is that leaders need to be equipped with the skills to articulate their thoughts in the most effective manner. Leader's can have brilliant ideas, but if they are unable to get them across, their ideas would be of little or no value to the organization and the team.


That is why at The Leadership Paradigm, we emphasize the importance of Communications through the following programs


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Why Should Anyone Be Lead By You?

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? is grounded in the research and thought leadership of professors Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, authors of the best-selling Harvard Business Review article and book of the same name. BlessingWhite’s 40-plus years of experience with thousands of clients worldwide ensures that this blended learning experience is engaging, relevant, sustainable, flexible and effective. We will work with you to create a mix of consulting, content and tools to reflect your organisation’s most pressing business priorities, culture and workforce. 


In collaboration with Blessing White and GP Strategies, Raymond will guide you to focus on 4 key concepts of the CASE framework. The CASE framework comprises of building a community, demonstrate authenticity, impart significance and generate excitement.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Assess the needs of their followers and modify their leadership approach appropriately.

  • Deploy their personal values, strengths and even weaknesses to maximise their effectiveness as leaders.

  • Communicate more effectively by considering not only their authentic point of view but also considering their followers’ readiness for change.

  • Tap into their peer leadership community and expand their influence beyond their teams.


Leading Out Loud

Leading Out Loud, is based on the book by veteran communication consultant Terry Pearce. It is designed as a reflective and practical leadership communication experience where real work gets done. "Communication is the primary tool that leaders have to bridge vision and strategy to others’ actions. Learning how to craft, clarify and hone leadership communication is a discipline that enables leaders to analyze and act on all situations more effectively.”


In collaboration with Blessing White and GP Strategies, Raymond will coach you through 4 key concepts of discovering what matters, deepening emotional awareness, connecting with others and disciplining your voice. 


Leading Out Loud provides not only the “what to do” but the “how to” of leadership that inspires change.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Inspire others to greater engagement, ownership and action to create positive change.

  • Create a culture of authenticity, openness, and candour. 

  • Effectively lead change with or without positional authority.

  • Apply a framework for communicating inspirationally in all situations, venues and media.

Delivering Impactful Presentation

Being able to present well is one of the most important communication skills in the business world today. It can be a vital link between business and opportunities. Everyday, millions of people present all over the world and companies project their image and reputation through these presentations.


Therefore, how we conduct presentations will bring success to the organization on the whole. Great presenters grab more attention, close more deals, exude more confidence, inspire more employees, customers, and colleagues to follow your vision.


This two-day course aims to enhance your persuasive abilities and presentation skills to inform, persuade 

and engage the different audiences as well as to communicate effectively and persuasively.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Develop a clear and through understanding of the audience and their needs.

  • Formulate clear messages that will deliver the necessary impact.

  • Manage self before presentation.

  • Adopt effective strategies for presentation.

Effective Negotiation Skills

In today’s business environment, leaders engage in various kinds of interactions with peers, supervisors, suppliers and clients.

Negotiations is a given, especially with the increasing need to communicate and formulate forward-looking strategic outcomes.

This highly participative learner and leader

focused Effective Negotiation Skills Program will arm you with winning negotiation skills and tactics so you feelbetter prepared, more confident and have greater control in the negotiation process.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Realize your own personal negotiation style approach

  • Prepare for negotiation towards an open yet collaborative atmosphere

  • Identify the different approaches of persuasion (Cialdini’s Influence principles)

  • Mastering the techniques to design a negotiation dialogue.

Advanced Negotiation Skills

The complex decisions that need to be made in the current business world requires a more exploratory and comprehensive outlook. As organizations attempt to increase their stakes and develop collaborative relationships, the expectations on leader's negotiation skills are elevated an extra notch. Additional skills are required to nurture the negotiation process along and develop “win-win” outcomes.

In this two-day Advanced Negotiatian Skills workshop, you will explore deeper into identifying key factors and critical phases in making a negotiation process more successful and productive. You will explore the techniques in probing, analyzing and deducing positions which will align to amicable results.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Understand the key factors in the preparation of the negotiation goal .

  • Identify the critical phases of the negotiation journey before bargaining.

  • Address challenging and unreasonable demands.

  • Learning the art of probing to generate dialogue.