Think Better. Think Critically

 Think Watson-Glaser™ II Critical Thinking Appraisal

Watson-Glaser is the standard for measuring critical thinking ability and decision making in high-potential professionals and future



Competency Areas:

  •     Recognize Assumptions,

  •     Evaluate Arguments,

  •     Draw Conclusions



Watson-Glaser II Features and Benefits

  • Measures high-level reasoning and critical thinking

  • Facilitates judgement, problem solving and decision making

  • Suggests critical thinking-related job behaviours

  • Classifies individuals critical thinking skills

  • Used by major corporations and consultants

  • Separates “bright” from “exceptional”


Apply the Results from 3 Reports

  1. Profile Report: See the score and some predictive behaviours

  2. Interview Report: Conduct a critical thinking behavioural interview

  3. Development Report: Build a customized learning and development plan to enhance the individual’s skills


Who is it for?

  • All professionals required to identify and analyze problems and evaluate information

  • Professional and management candidates across all industries



  • Online

  • 35-40 Minutes

  • 40 Multiple Choice Questions​​


  • Employee Selection

  • Professional Development

  • Leadership and Coaching

  • Succession Planning

Technical Facts

  • NEW 'RED" Sub-factor Model

  • Predicts job performance

  • Extremely reliable

  • Available in multiple languages

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