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Our Customer's Testimonials


“Please allow me to express my sincere thanks that Raymond Thomas has brought up such a wonderful seminar (probably the most motivating lesson I have yet to-date). Through his guidance, I am in a better position get to place myself to the world.”

Leong Hor Chun, Equipment Engineer, Showa Denko Singapore

“Raymond is well versed in the topic and engages the participants in the discussion “
- Mary Pines, Citi


“Mr Raymond is a very lively trainer. Class is very interesting. We are able to learn many thinking skills & tools from his training. “
- Jessica Foo, NCSS


“Raymond's energy and passion for his training is evident. I even used one of the tools he showed me in class to help me in my personal life. He also used puzzles and games to bring home the point of how to stay creative and not throw in the towel when solving problems.”
- Dylan Amaya, Asst VP, Citi


“Raymond explains very well the concept of critical thinking and I now can understand and apply the techniques learned in my workplace and my daily life.”
- Participant, Public Run


“Raymond maintained very high level of "stickiness" throughout the course. I was able to understand all concepts and it will surely help me build up my thinking skills.”
- Swapna Kartik, Citi


“Raymond was very effective to make all the information understandable. The tools that he shared are very useful especially for my working environment.”
- Kuichalee Churngchalard, Snr Mgr, Spicy H


A corporation is a business or group of people authorized to act as a single entity. In order for a corporation to be successful, the employees would own leadership and management skills which help the organization grow and accomplish their goals and objectives.


We work with organizations in the Corporate Paradigm to equip and coach the management team with specific skill sets that support business strategy and change management. These are accomplished in the following 4 courses:- 

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Apply Critical Thinking Skills@Work (ACT@Work)

"Am I an effective Critical Thinker at work?"


Critical thinking clarifies goals, examines assumptions, discerns hidden values, evaluates evidence, accomplishes actions, and assesses conclusions. Likewise, we must be able to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a logical, compelling or even reasonably challenge the norm.

This two-day workshop was designed to prepare you as a leader with practical tools and hands-on experience in critical thinking and problem-solving skills which are indispensable for personal and corporate success. Every participant in this programme will also receive a Watson-Glaser II Critical Thinking Appraisal report –  the leading assessment tool for identifying baselines for critical thinking. The report provides you a benchmark assessment on your ability to think clearly and effectively.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Identify Critical Thinking Archetypes

  • Define and apply the RED Model.

  • Analyse  issues in depth and with precision using elements and standards of thought.

  • Apply Critical Thinking for problem solving and idea generations at work.

Innovative Problem Solving for Decision Making

The main functional role of managers and supervisors is to address problems, make swift decisions and minimize exposure to the business. The inclination is that they tend to treat most problems in a similar context. Hence, the solution may seem like a temporary outcome as compared to a more permanent and reliable solution. 


This two-day workshop proposes both an organised and a creative approach to problem solving and decision making. Both Critical and Creative thinking, which have become personal and corporate imperatives, will help individuals forge a path from problems to solutions that are more dependent on logic, reasoning and imagination.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Recognize the Psychology of Problem Solving.

  • Understand Cause-Effect-Symptom-Problem Relationship in Problem Definition.

  • Apply Cause-Effect Tools and Techniques and Develop Root-Cause Analysis.

  • Identify innovative methods in solving complex problems.

Managing Innovation, Creativity and Ideation Process

Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of a business. Managing Innovation, Creativity & Ideation Process explores ways of developing and fostering creative talent at the individual, team and organizational level.

This two-day workshop covers the most essential aspects for emerging leaders to shape an innovative and enterprising organization and 

to function effectivelywithin it. It will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to boost productivity and performance within the organization.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Understand the key aspects of the innovative process.

  • Learn how creativity and innovation are important for entrepreneurial and corporate growth.

  • Assess creative development and plan of action to enhance the ability to think more creatively and foster innovation.

Process Analysis Tools for Businesses

Business operations are composed of highly complex and interelated processes that add value. Characterizing, optimizing and enhancing processes can contribute to the success of an organization. The step-by-step approach to process analysis ensures sustainable success.

The two-day workshop proposes processes

and quality analysis activities that should be undertaken on a regular basis to help increase the capacity, take full advantage of the processes, improve throughput, enhance quality service and reduce cycle time. These are key factors in ensuring continuous productivity improvement.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Understand the relationship and importance between input, process and output systems.

  • Developing system mapping and process mapping for critical processes.

  • Establish characterization, optimization, and monitoring key processes.