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Unleashing Your Leadership Potential For Emerging Leaders

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

A recent research on leadership transition demonstrates that nearly 40% of internal job moves made by "high potentials", end in failure. This statistic is shocking and there could be many reasons attributed to it. One of the main cause is the lack of support in assisting individual contributors to transition to a leadership role.

The attitude, mindset, behaviour and thinking styles change when you start leading others. These may include direct reports or individuals in a cross functional role.

My experience in personal and organisational change conclude that it takes full commitment and tweaks to the following components to enhance an emerging leader's effectiveness. They are skills set, mind set, behaviour set and tool set. It is vital that these critical components are constantly refined and aligned to enable the role change in becoming an effective emerging leader or a manager.

Mind sets are heuristics or mental models that we adopt about the things around us. Shifting mindsets are paramount as it influences our being and our behaviours. It will also determine how we will influence others to accomplish the goals of the teams.

Behaviour sets are directly associated to the way we think and feel. We enable new behaviours in our role as an emerging leader.

Skill sets are focused on competencies, knowledge, skills and aptitude that we would need for the new leadership role. This may include sharpening our skills in negotiation, communication, delegation and team work.

Tool sets are associated with technologies and tools that facilitate us to be more effective and efficient as a emerging leader.

The "Unleashing Your Leadership Potential for Emerging Leaders" is a developmental program that is specially designed for individuals who are transitioning the leadership ladder. The 16-hour program drills, coaches and mentors individuals in the roles of emerging leaders, enhancing effective conversational skills, coaching and delegating efficiently, managing performance and developing effective teams. For more details enquire at or email

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