Our Workshops

The Leadership Paradigm has an international team of professional, expereinced and qualified consultants, facilitators and coaches who deliver to the programs identified in the paradigms below. The programs are experential based and targeted at both individuals and high-potential teams, who are ear-marked for management succession planning. The workshops are contextualized for the senior-management, middle-managment and those aspiring to transition to leadership roles. 


Leadership is about people engagement and empowering and enabling others. Leadership is a process of social influence which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.


We facilitate comprehensive solutions for leadership development which includes baseline profiling, facilitated experential workshops, coaching and concluding with a post-profiling assessment. This enables our client to expereince a comprehensive and complete solution which results in performance enhancement.


Based on the 3Cs paradigms - Corporate, Coaching and Communications, we invite you to explore and identify the workshops that will add value to the human capital in your organizations.